Winston 4-in-1 Convertible Crib




How to Order: •18” Sign with 24” Hoop AND greenery/Flowers ($105) please select the option that includes the hoop and flowers. This option will include the 18” name sign, 1 – 24” wooden hoop, and artificial greenery with two white/off artificial flowers attached. •24” Wood Hoop with NO Flowers ($20) – If you would like a hoop with NO flowers or greenery attached to allow you to add your own, please select just the wood hoop option. This will not include any other items, just the wood hoop. • 18” Sign with NO hoop ($35) NO greenery, or flowers included with this option. This will be for the 18” personalized round name sign only. • 24” Sign option ($55) – this size sign does not fit the hoop, and this option is only for the large round personalized wood sign. Size Pictured: 18″ round name sign with 23.75” wood hoop. IMPORTANT DETAILS: Example Picture: This sign features a natural wood stain which is very light brown with grey undertones. *The natural stain is not an oil based stain and will appear differently than an oil based stain finish normally would. The natural stain option is a water-based stain that allows the woods natural texture and detailing to remain showing. Variances in color are to be expected with the natural option. This sign also features white, hand painted calligraphy lettering which will feature your child’s first, or first and middle names. The wood hoop surrounding the sign in the example pictures is left in its raw state when ordering the natural stain option. **This is how it is shown in all of the example pictures. Options: This sign can be stained darker, or on a painted background with any color lettering to match your space. Please message me with your ideas prior to ordering.


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