20 Nursery Design Trends for 2020




Design by The French Folk Hi loves!Can you believe it’s 2020? I’m having flashbacks to middle school when 2020 was like the Jetson future and we created time capsules we would open when we had grandkids, lol. Flash forward and turns out I still have kids in diapers, but the new decade definitely gives me pause. It feels new and big and full of possibility. I love trend spotting, really across many genres, but have a particular love for how our nurseries and kids spaces evolve over time. I thought it would be fun to put together my own little forecast of what I think is trending the hardest in 2020 nursery design. Most of this I gathered from chatting with you guys. You send me photos with design dilemmas and ask questions about colors and custom design options so I thought I’d share a little about what I’m seeing. Truthfully, trends don’t typically span a single year, many can span a decade and some of these I think we’ll be seeing for quite some time. Happy New Year!


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